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“The Rodfather” 6-Page Story CRACKED #104 (1972)


Cracked parody of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 film “The Godfather”, winner of that year’s Oscar for Best Picture.  EC pioneer John Severin created an impressive body of work during his long career, but to me, THIS STORY is one of his GREATEST. Look at the detailed caricatures of Brando, Pacino, Sinatra, Castellano, Duvall, Marley, and many more! ALL SPOT ON! Severin’s ability to revive scenes from the movie with his pen is astounding. This 42 year old complete story has SIX pages, each with an image area measuring roughly  12 ”  x 16.5 ” and the art is signed by Severin on the Splash. A RARE treasure!

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