“Cherry Meets the Vampire Le Stud” – Splash LARGE ART (1992)

Check out this highly DETAILED full-page TITLE SPLASH by Cherry Poptart creator Larry Welz. This LARGE ART Splash measures a HUGE 14″ x 20″ and was published 22 years ago in CHERRY #13 (1992). It features CHERRY and her best friend ELLIE DEE visiting Cherry’s Great Aunt’s run down New Orleans mansion. The image is full of Easter Eggs, including a streetcar named “Desire” and a littered newspaper crediting Welz and others including writer Dan Fogel of Fogel’s Underground Comix Price Guide fame. Over the years many artists and writers have “fooled around” with Cherry, including creator Larry Welz, artist Larry Todd and writers Dan Fogel and Sandman creator Neil Gaiman.

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